Natasha Perez Ministries

A ministry of music and testimony ~ Un ministerio de música y testimonio

In addition to her music, Natasha's ministry involves sharing God's grace through the experiences that He has brought her through. Her testimony is a story of redemption that will resonate with all age groups so whether you are planning a Women's Retreat, academy event, vespers, or any other special program, Natasha can help!


Natasha began her ministry after taking part in a Christian Music Competition at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC.  Though the competition began online, out of nearly 300 contestants, the last leg of the competition came down to the final 3 participants and was performed live at the "Heart of Worship Conference" where artists such as Jaci Velasquez and Avalon appeared as guests. The winner was determined by a combination of audience and judges votes, with the audience votes being worth 40% and the judges votes counting for 60%. Natasha took 1st place amongst the audience votes, but after those numbers were combined with the judges votes, the final results found her in 2nd.

Through the exposure that Natasha received through the competition, interviews and airtime, a ministry began to blossom.  The following is an expression of gratitude, in her own words, of what the Lord has done for her. "...I feel so unworthy of all the mercy and love that God has shown me. I had messed up so many times and in so many ways and never dreamed that God could or would have this type of ministry for me. He's given me so many second chances at so many different things that it overwhelms me and causes me to fall in love with Him all over again every time I think about it...."